Travel with Heart

It can be difficult to take our fur kids with us on vacation with us. However, there are vacation destinations where you can go and meet new furry friends, help them find forever homes, and maybe even bring them home with you. Here are 3 of our favorites.

1. Kauai – The Kauai Humane Society allows visitors to “check out” dogs for day trips to dog-friendly beaches and hiking trails. You get a companion for the day, the dog gets a nice time out of the shelter and wears a vest labeled “adopt me” so local passers-by know he or she is in need of a permanent home. Even if they don’t get adopted that day, the dogs still get a chance to socialize, making them more prepared for a family. If you really make a strong connection, you can take your new fur baby home. The society helps with the process and adopts an average of four dogs a month to visitors.

3. Costa Rica – Territorio de Zaguates, “Land of the Strays,” is a shelter in the mountains near Heredia, about an hour outside San Jose. The shelter organizes walks of about 2 miles with its canine residents where visitors can get to know the dogs and help them get used to people and possibly even meet their new owners. The walks typically take place two weekends a month, though they are temporarily suspended and no schedule has been released for 2018, so make sure to check with Territorio de Zaguates before showing up.