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USA Explore Chiapas Mexico on Horseback: This trip combines: adventure, adrenaline and nature exploration with relaxation in comfortable charming hotels and historic haciendas, as well as at a unique eco resort on a private island at the ...
Canada Climb La Malinche & Pico de Orizaba: The Malintzin (Venerable Herb Woman) Volcano or the Malinche is an inactive volcano with an official altitutde of 14,566 ft, making it the fifth highest volcano in Mexico ...
Mexico Extreme Veracruz I : This trip provides a fairly high degree of physical challenge, but also immerses you in nature, wildlife, culture, and amazing history of the state of Veracruz. ...
Mexico Mexico’s Diverse Nature, Cultures, and Ancestral Rituals:This journey of Mexican culture, ancestral rituals, and nature invites you to reconnect with your spirit and discover your inner light.
Mexico Rio Secreto – The Beautiful Underground River: Eexperience this stunning underground river with thousands of dramatic stalactites and stalagmites.

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